Germ Warfare

acupuncture for immunity


You never have to wonder when the cold and flu season is around the corner. 

The pharmaceutical industry will be sure that you are reminded of its arrival.  

The pharmaceutical industry and the medical community at large are depending 

on you to leave the fate of your health and well being up to the workings of 

chemical-laden pills and shots rather than the innate power that runs your body 

and the living world around you.

The reality is that germs don’t make you sick.  Rather, your body’s inability to 

fend off germs and foreign invaders is what results in you succumbing to illness.

Think about it… How is it possible that a family of 5 people living under the same 

roof can have completely different reactions during flu season?

Assuming that everyone is exposed to the same germs and viruses, if the 

sickness were attributed completely to the virus, everyone would get sick and 

exhibit the same reaction and symptoms.

What happens in reality is that one or two family members get ill while the others 

don’t.  Clearly the issue is not the germs, but the body’s response to them, 

caused by an individual’s immune system.

Chances are the last time you got sick you were running yourself ragged, missing 

sleep, eating improperly, slacking on your nutrition, all stressed out from work, 

skipping your acupuncture sessions, and neglecting your workouts.  This is a 

vicious pattern that many of us fall into and it’s one that weakens the body and 

allows germs to take hold.

Your best defense against the flu, colds, or any other germ-borne illness is not to 

drug yourself, but to bolster your internal defenses.  You stand your best chance 

of being at your healthiest when you have an optimally functioning nervous 

system and immune response.

So come in for an acupuncture tune-up, keep your lifestyle habits in good order, 

and maintain a positive attitude. Do so, and those pesky little germs don’t stand a