The new latest diet is allowing the body to go into ketosis. Meaning having the body burn fat as fuel instead of using glucose, as this is achieved through diet. (80% Fat, 15% Protein, 5% Carbohydrates). There is a more effective way in achieving ketosis through a product I recommend. The Ketogenesis4 is a supplement which provides the nutrients that changes the metabolic state of your body to start burning fat as fuel. In the first month you will lose weight without making changes to your diet. However for maximum benefit we do recommend a Ketogenic diet or low-carb diet.


What is it?

KetoGen4 is a ketone drink mix created to be the most complete ketone supplement on the market to date. Its cutting-edge formula has been carefully designed for people just like yourself who want to quickly reach the highly efficient fat burning state of ketosis. Our exclusive 4-BHB salt combo provides an immediate source of exogenous ketones, vital vitamins, and nutrients to put you in the optimal state of ketosis while ensuring you feel your absolute best!

How do I take it?

1 scoop (Approximately 13g/0.47 oz.) in the morning with a meal, 6 days a week.

How does it work?

KetoGen4 introduces exogenous ketones into your system to effectively promote ketosis— unlocking your body’s ability to get into ketosis while feeling great.*

What is ketosis (or keto)?

A. Keto is short for ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketones in the system. A ketone is produced by the liver to be used for energy when there isn’t glucose available. When your body is in ketosis, it begins to use stored body fat as its primary source for energy.*

What’s the difference between exogenous and endogenous ketones?

Endogenous ketones are produced naturally by the liver due to nutritional intake. Exogenous ketones are introduced into the body in the form of a ketone supplement, such as KetoGen4.*

Can I take KetoGen4 if I’m not on a low-carb diet?

Yes. Regardless of your diet, KetoGen4 promotes ketosis allowing you to reap the benefits provided. However, for optimal weight management, a healthy low-carb diet is recommended.*

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