Cosmetic Acupuncture NYC

Our signature East-meets-West cosmetic facial acupuncture NYC combines the following treatments to provide an effective and natural anti-aging remedy.

  • Ultra hydrating face mask

  • Facial acupuncture

  • Facial cupping

  • Low-level light therapy

  • Micro-current facial

Benefits of ouR Cosmetic Acupuncture NYC system

  • Decreased Acne

  • Decreased inflammation and redness

  • Improved skin texture and complexion

  • Increased production of collagen & elastin

  • Increased microcirculation

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

  • Reduced dark circles and eye bags through lymphatic drainage

  • Strengthened facial muscles, creating a lifting effect for sagging muscles.


Introduction to Facial Acupuncture

Anti-aging treatments were used in Ancient China dating back to the B.C. Era. Most notably the royalties of China had accessed to this type of care. Herbal medicine, creams, masks, and facial acupuncture as used today were their preferred method of intervention.

Traditional Chinese medicine concepts believes a healthy body will naturally decelerate the progression of aging and aging of our face. Each area of the face corresponds to different organs in our body which gives us clues to tailor the treatment. That is why the treatment of external facial skin rejuvenation is just as important as healthy internal organs. For example, dark circle under the eyes can signify subpar functioning of the kidney and adrenal glands. Which makes sense are you often see dark circles in sleep deprived individuals.

A good night sleep will often rejuvenate your body as it is the body’s way of restoring. When people wake up their face will often glow, less redness in their eyes and face, decreased facial swelling and eye bags, and perhaps less pale.

Here at LES Acupuncture we use our Cosmetic Acupuncture NYC system to recreate the body’s post sleep restoration look and more. We combine the best of east and west modalities to firm and tighten skin, improve facial complexion, improve and erase fine wrinkles, and improve your overall health (sleep, digestion, decrease stress levels).


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