3 Steps to Using Acupuncture for Sleep Hacking

Poking yourself with sharp objects might not seem like the most effective way to improve your sleep, but first impressions are often misleading.

As Chris Kresser has written, acupuncture has gained an undeserved reputation for being an unsupported practice with no evidence behind it. The truth is that acupuncture not only works on the basis of pure experimentation and Chinese medicine – there’s also strong clinical evidence behind acupuncture for sleep

The Evidence Behind Acupuncture for Insomnia

A preliminary report in 2004 found that in patients with anxiety, acupuncture increased nighttime melatonin production and total sleep time. The patients who received acupuncture also fell asleep faster, were less aroused at night, and were less stressed. The researchers concluded that,“Acupuncture treatment may be of value for some categories of anxious patients with insomnia.”

Another study found that acupuncture improves sleep quality in patients with HIV, among whom sleep disturbance is a common problem. The researchers found that, “Sleep activity and sleep quality significantly improved following 5 weeks of individualized acupuncture…”

Other studies have shown that acupuncture works for people without health problems, too. A study in 1999 found that acupuncture improved sleep quality in normal people with insomnia. Sleep hackers, pay attention!


Another benefit of acupuncture is relief from chronic pain, which is a common contributor to sleeplessness.

My extensive work with clients confirms these findings. Some report using acupuncture to improve mental performance, and find that it noticeably improves sleep quality as well. In fact, patients report they are at their most productive on the days they do acupuncture, both at work and in bed when it’s time to sleep.

3 Steps to Using Acupuncture for Sleep Hacking:
1)  Don't delay any longer, call for an acupuncture session today.  Let's get you sleeping better starting today!
2) Come see me for acupuncture in our Flatiron NYC location (near Chelsea).  We are so easy to reach by several trains, or walking, biking, skateboarding.  Parking.  Not so much, but we love Flatiron anyway.
3) Complete a full course of treatment.  Many say they experience relief right from the first visit, but it's common to require several visits as part of your treatment to bring your body back to a normal sleep state.

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