What can I use instead of Botox?

Botox injections is becoming increasingly popular among cosmetic procedure in the last decade. Doctors uses different forms of botulism toxins to temporarily paralyze the the contraction function of the muscle. By relaxing the muscles the deep wrinkles are able to fill in and help make the muscle more plump and full.

Although some people do not like the thought of having toxins injected into their face, facial Acupuncture is a natural alternative. Ultra fine needles are inserted as specific areas to help combat the aging process. Acupuncture helps stimulate microcirculation in the face to help achieve the extra “glow” many youthful people posses. After 4-6 treatments it helps creates elastin and collagen to help create tighter skin and relax the muscles of the face filling in some fine lines and wrinkles. Generally the needles helps decrease any additional swelling by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. So it is great for people with puffy face and eye bags. As we age certain muscles starts to sag lose its strength. The fine needles inserted into the muscles helps strengthen the muscle and create a lifting effect for the weak sagging muscles.

Botox injections usually has a maintenance route every 3-6 months. Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture has a treatment course of 2-3 times per week for about 12 visits. During that time period we usually see the maximal efficacy of the treatments, and put the client on a maintenance plan of once a month to maintain results. However this natural procedure not only addresses the face, but also addresses the underlying imbalances of the body to help overall circulation, sleep, stress, and other issues. The face is the window to our body. Keep the body healthy and strong, and that is the best anti-aging method.

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